Dibrugarh Gold Assam Tea

Type: Tea


A beautiful black tea with a bold claim..."Possibly the best tea you have ever tasted".

Well, they might just be right, we think its amazing.  You get that classic, clean, black tea flavour with every cup and it doesn't take much brewing to get there either.  This tea packs a lot of punch, so be careful not to steep it for too long.

Available as a loose leaf tea or in tea bags.  There is no plastic in the production of the paper tea bags like most tea bag companies, so rest assured you are getting a much safer product with these tea bags.

Brewing recommendations: generally, black tea requires steeping in 90-95°C water for a few minutes, this tea will get you pretty close to desired taste and colour in under a minute though, so keep a close eye and pull it out sooner rather than later to avoid over brewing - you can always brew it a bit longer if you need.

You can check out our tea brewing guide for some helpful hints if you're still practising getting your tea just right, things like lowering the water temperature or flushing the tea first to reduce bitterness, for example.

This premium tea comes from the Dibrugarh tea estates in Assam.  It is beautifully packaged, making it a fantastic gift for others (or yourself).  You can read more about it here.