Tea Type            

     Brew Temperature

         Brew Time

Black Tea                         90 - 95°C         2 - 3 minutes
Green Tea                         80 - 85°C         3 - 4 minutes
White Tea                         70 - 75°C         4 - 6 minutes
Oolong                         85 - 90°C         3 - 5 minutes
Flavoured Black              90 - 95°C         2 - 3 minutes
Flavoured Green                 80 - 85°C         3 - 4 minutes
Herbal and Fruit Infusions                         95 - 100°C         5 - 10 minutes
Chamomile                         90°C         5 - 10 minutes

This is only a guide, brew times and temperatures may need to be varied according to the tea you are using and in line with your palate.

For all teas and infusions, use approximately 1 teaspoon (or 2.5g) per 200ml of water.  This is also an approximate guide, some teas may require more or less than this according to your palate preferences.  Also, teas and infusions with finer leaves will infuse more quickly than long/large leaf teas and infusions, so this should be accounted for when brewing.

If you brew black or green tea that is too bitter, try reducing the water temperature and/or brewing time.  For some teas a rinse or flush may be required - this is where you steep the tea for a short time (up to 15 or 20 seconds) then remove the tea leaves from the brewing vessel, empty the water and refill the vessel with fresh water (at the appropriate temperature) and recommence brewing.  This can help to remove any overly sharp, acidic or bitter characteristics that are present if brewed normally.

To get the most nutrients out of herbal root infusions (dandelion root for example) you should simmer these in a pot on the stove for at least 10 minutes.