Replacement Parts

We stock replacement parts for stovetop espresso makers, plungers and the Aeropress.  We can also source spare parts for some teapots, travel cups and other coffee makers from time to time - enquiries welcome.

We usually have the following parts available:

  • - seals for most stovetop coffee maker brands (aluminium and stovetop) as well as filter baskets, filter plates and sometimes handles
  • - replacement glass inserts for plungers as well as the parts for the plunger itself (for example replacement mesh, etc)
  • - aeropress seals, filter baskets and both upper or lower chambers.


Having trouble with your Aeropress? Maybe the rubber seal has worn out or you lent your Aeropress to a friend and it came back without the black fi...
From $5.00
If your favourite stovetop espresso maker has made it's fair share of coffees and is wearing down and doesn't seem to pump out that next level espr...
From $5.50
Aluminium stovetop have an awesome trait of not being brand specific, not as far as we've encountered anyway.  Stainless steel stovetops generally ...
From $6.90
Stainless steel filter plates for Avanti Stovetops.  Assorted sizes, may fit other brands but please read on and check size chart for comparison. I...
From $4.50
Aluminium or Stainless steel filter plates for various stovetops.  Assorted sizes, the smallest of which we are uncertain of which brand it is for,...
From $1.00
Assorted O-Rings for Handpresso. 10mm o-rings (red and black) - for pump assembly shaft 30mm o-ring (black) - for air tank 50mm o-ring (black) - fo...

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