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A China blend mixed with bright yellow blossoms and mild sweetish apricot flavour, offering a full, fruity taste and lovely aroma. Type: Flavoured ...
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A blend of China and Ceylon teas, blue cornflowers and a cool, minty flavour with subtle undertones of fruit to give a refreshing cup. Origin: Chin...
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A strong, full bodied, malty, mature black tea with a rich colour and flavour. Origin: India
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The rich, fertile soil and high altitude of the Daintree rainforest region provides a well rounded, medium strength tea, naturally low in caffeine....
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A deliciously sweet and slightly tart infusion of blackcurrants, strawberries, blackberries, hibiscus, blossoms, rose hip, bilberries and elderberr...
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Subtle fruity notes and a pleasant aroma are offered by this blend of black teas and sprinkling of blue cornflowers. Origin: China and Sri Lanka

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