Coffee Accessories

We keep a range of accessories to keep your coffee making experience hassle free, including:

  • - coffee grinders (electric and manual)
  • - milk frothers (electric, manual and battery operated)
  • - milk frothing jugs
  • - thermometers
  • - tampers and tamper mats
  • - knock boxes
  • - coffee scoops
  • - group head brushes
  • - descaler and back flush solution
  • - grinder cleaner
  • - and much more.

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The Aeropress is such an easy to use coffee maker that pumps out a great brew, so its no wonder that there is a whole range of accessories and atta...
Having trouble with your Aeropress? Maybe the rubber seal has worn out or you lent your Aeropress to a friend and it came back without the black fi...
Looking for a cost effective grinder that doesn't compromise on quality and consistency? The Bistro electric grinder may be the perfect companion f...
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Keep your coffee or tea fresher for longer with an air tight canister.  We have canisters and caddies for a little or a lot, some with air tight cl...
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Keep your hot pots, pans and dishes from damaging your benches and tables with these metal trivets. Choose from aluminium, stainless steel and cast...
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Add a little bit of life to your coffee with some frothy milk that you can froth yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen. We carry 3 types of m...

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