Novelty Cups & Mugs
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Looking for something in particular for that friend or family member that just seems to have an obsession with some animal or theme?

Novelty cups and mugs make fantastic gifts for other (and for self).  They are not only useful, but they are sure to bring a smile to someone's face every time they take a sip.

We carry a huge range of novelty cups and mugs, a range that is forever changing with new lines arriving all the time, including:

  • - cups and mugs in the shapes of different animals
  • - picture mugs with an animal as the handle
  • - cups and mugs with funny sayings and motivational quotes
  • - mugs that change colour when they have hot liquid inside
  • - design your own mugs (write or draw anything on your mug, then bake to set it)
  • - cups with animals inside that emerge as you drink
  • - giant mugs (750ml and 900ml mugs)
  • - and many, many more.

Contact us today for stock enquiries, lines change often and are not always available, orders welcome.