Bodum Travel Plunger Mugs
Bodum Travel Plunger Mugs

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Vendor: Bodum


Bodum, an iconic brand when it comes to slow brew coffee makers, like the French Press for example.  Well, now they have taken plunger coffee to the next level by combining their expertise in press coffee with the magic of double walled cups to bring you these Travel Press coffee makers that will allow you to brew your coffee on the go and keep your favourite beverage hotter for longer.

These Travel Presses are all double walled and are available in either stainless steel or clear plastic.  They have a Bodum branded silicone sleeve and matching colour lid.

They come with a bonus, non-plunger, lid to allow you to use the double walled cup without the plunger mechanism if you are consuming other drinks also.

The lid design is spill proof but not leak proof, meaning the stopper will prevent splashing as you walk but they need to be kept upright at all times or they will leak.

The capacity of these travel plungers is 350ml (12oz), which is equivalent to a standard 3 cup coffee plunger.

We recommend hand washing these items.

To brew correctly, simply add coffee to the glass chamber.  We recommend using a dessert spoon of medium ground coffee per cup (e.g. 3 spoons for a 3 cup, etc.), however this is just a guide and you can add as much or as little coffee as desired.  Next, add hot water (be sure not to use boiling water as this will burn the coffee and leave you with a bitter finish).  Once you have added the desired amount of water, stir the coffee and then place the plunger and lid over the top, without plunging just yet.  This will keep some of the heat in while you brew your coffee.  Allow 4 minutes for brewing and then slowly plunge the coffee.  This will hold the grinds down the bottom, allowing you to pour the fluid out for you enjoyment.