Ezicaf - Coffee for One


If you are a fan of filter coffee and want an ideal, easy to use, easy to clean, reusable and sustainable coffee maker, then Ezicaf is right for you.

With a gold plated filter, you won't have to worry about whether your paper filters are running low ever again.  This filter is very fine as well, minimising sludge and sediment.

Arguably one of the best design features of the Ezicaf Coffee for One, is the water regulator.  This disperses the water evenly over the coffee in a controlled way (because lets face it, how many of us have a goose neck kettle for the slow controlled pouring that is usually needed with filter coffee).

The lid is another awesome feature, allowing you to keep the heat while your coffee brews, plus it makes a handy drip catcher as you take the coffee maker off your cup.

For more information about the Ezicaf Coffee For One, click here.