Aeropress Go

Vendor: Aeropress


Aeropress Go - the better way to take your coffee wherever you go.

This innovative new travel friendly design from Aeropress is portable, durable, light and easy to use - just like the original Aeropress - but this one is designed to pack up inside of the cup, making it even easier to take it anywhere in the world.

Demonstrations and advice available in store or contact us today for more information.

The Aeropress Go comes with a pack of 350 of the filter papers in the box - plenty to kick you off.

When you're ready to replace them or just want a more reusable option, then be sure to check out the Able Stainless Steel Filter Disk (Fine) here.

The Prismo by Fellow doesn't quite fit the Aeropress Go straight out of the box without modifying the width of the lugs that screw into the Aeropress.  We do not recommend doing this as improper tool use could result in harm to you or the product but it it is possible if you want to get that little bit more out of your Aeropress Go extraction.

We also usually carry the the Puck Puck cold brew system as another Aeropress must have accessory, check it out if cold brew coffee tickles your fancy by clicking here.