Bodum Pour Over - 8 Cup

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Vendor: Bodum


Pour over coffee with class that still provides the clean flavour your looking for.  The Bodum Pour Overs utilise a permanent mesh filter so you won't need to buy papers ever again, nor contribute to the ever growing issue of excess waste.

The 8 cup, or 1 Litre (34oz), glass carafe is made using borosilicate glass, ensuring it can handle the temperature changes associated with brewing coffee.  There is a pour spout on the carafe to ensure mess free pouring once you have made your coffee.

Coffee through a filter is very easy to make, simply add medium ground coffee to the filter on top of the carafe, then slowly add hot water in a circular motion over the ground coffee.  Allow the water to make its way through the coffee adding more water as desired.  Be sure not to use freshly boiled water (as it will burn the coffee and cause a bitter finish).


The 8 Cup Pour Over by Bodum comes with very simple wrap around packaging instead of a box, however we will adequately pack these as required for orders.