Bodum Caffettiera Plungers (Glass)

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Vendor: Bodum



The Bodum Caffettiera is almost identical to the classic Chambord with the key difference being the Bakelite lid instead of stainless steel.  Not only does the black lid give it a new look, but brings the cost down slightly, meaning you get the same great coffee at a more affordable price.

The borosilicate glass gives you peace of mind when adding hot water to you French Press.

Hand washing is recommended.

To brew correctly, simply add coffee to the glass chamber.  We recommend using a dessert spoon of medium ground coffee per cup (e.g. 3 spoons for a 3 cup, etc.), however this is just a guide and you can add as much or as little coffee as desired.  Next, add hot water (be sure not to use boiling water as this will burn the coffee and leave you with a bitter finish).  Once you have added the desired amount of water, stir the coffee and then place the plunger and lid over the top, without plunging just yet.  This will keep some of the heat in while you brew your coffee.  Allow 4 minutes for brewing and then slowly plunge the coffee.  This will hold the grinds down the bottom, allowing you to pour the fluid out for you enjoyment.

You may need to replace certain parts of your plunger from time to time - for example if you break the glass carafe or if your mesh screen is failing to hold down the grinds.  We usually carry the mesh filters and glass replacement beakers for most sizes.  Other less common parts can usually be ordered if required, contact us here for parts enquiries.