Avanti Art Deco Stainless Steel Stovetops

Vendor: Avanti


Time to one-up all of your friends (like Andy from next door with his beat up old coffee pot) and get yourself an Art Deco.

Avanti have out done themselves with this incredibly stylish looking stovetop espresso maker.  Manufactured using the finest quality 18/8 stainless steel, which is highly polished, offering a mirror finish.

Not only will you're coffee pot look as fancy as a penguin in a tux, but it will produce simply superb coffee.

One of the best features of the Art Deco is the spacer plate - this essentially gives you two coffee pots for the price of one.  Allow me to explain how this works below - please note that the spacer plate is left out of the device if you intend on brewing a full batch.

You can read our recommended use and cleaning guide by clicking here but when using the spacer plate, there is a slight difference in the procedure - the spacer plate can be used to reduce the amount of coffee in the filter basket (and also the water in the bottom chamber so you can brew half of the capacity that the coffee pot usually produces).  For example, the 2 cup will allow a 1 cup brew; the 4 cup will allow a 2 cup brew; the 6 cup will allow a 3 cup brew and the 10 cup will allow a 5 cup brew.  As discussed in our Stovetop Use, Cleaning and Maintenance Guide, we recommend that you fill the water to just below the pressure release valve in the bottom chamber and then fill the coffee basket loose and level with espresso ground coffee for most coffee makers.  However, the spacer plate that comes with the Art Deco, allows you to half fill the bottom chamber with water and half fill the coffee basket, then by using the spacer plate on top of the coffee (with handle facing up) you can attach the upper chamber and brew as normal. The filter plate will hold the spacer plate in place, which in turn will hold the grinds in place as the pressure pushes the water up through the coffee.

Please note also that the spacer plate is not designed to be used to tamp coffee grinds into the filter basket - coffee is not meant to be tamped into the basket of a stovetop espresso maker.