Fellow Prismo (for Aeropress)

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Vendor: Fellow


Push your Aeropress extraction to the next level with the Prismo by Fellow.

Featuring a pressure-actuated valve for a no drip brewing experience and a resusable 150 micron etched stainless steel filter with a seal to stop sludge and reduce sediment so you're not eating that last mouthful of coffee.

The Prismo will fit the original Aeropress and means you no longer have to do an inverted brew as no coffee comes through the valve until you apply pressure with the upper Aeropress chamber.  The extra pressure from a single stream of coffee through the Prismo (compared to the standard Aeropress filter holder) also increases back pressure, providing a better extraction.

The Prismo does not fit the Aeropress Go without alteration.  This can be achieved by shaving the width of the lugs that screw into the Aeropress, but this could be dangerous with improper tool use and you will also be irreparably altering the product so it is not something we recommend.