Coffee Accessories

We keep a range of accessories to keep your coffee making experience hassle free, including:

  • - coffee grinders (electric and manual)
  • - milk frothers (electric, manual and battery operated)
  • - milk frothing jugs
  • - thermometers
  • - tampers and tamper mats
  • - knock boxes
  • - coffee scoops
  • - group head brushes
  • - descaler and back flush solution
  • - grinder cleaner
  • - and much more.

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Texturing your milk is an art form and art requires the correct equipment.  The right size milk jug, so that the milk rolls properly, is a must and...
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The Wacaco Nanopresso makes absolutely outstanding espresso coffee and now you can make your coffee making experience even easier with these access...
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Getting your coffee making experience just right is easy with the right accessory.  Aside from our large range of canisters, tampers, milk frothers...
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Sick of coffee grit and sediment making its way into your cup?  Your plunger might be on its last legs.  Or maybe someone has just smashed or crack...
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Seal worn on your favourite coffee pot?  Or maybe the filter plate or basket has seen better days? We carry a wide variety of spare parts to suit m...
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Recently bought a machine and the tamper just isn't quite right? Perhaps it came with a plastic or nylon tamper that just doesn't get the job done....

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