Puck Puck - Cold Brew Attachment (for Aeropress)


I know the Aeropress already makes a great cup of Joe, but what if I told you it will also make a great cold brew coffee?

I mean, sure, you could just soak some coffee in cold water then filter it through just about anything, including your Aeropress, and voila - cold brew coffee...right? Well yes, I guess, but the Puck Puck actually attaches to you Aeropress and provides you with a slow drip cold brew system that you could take anywhere.  The cold brew adaptor even allows you to attach a bottle (assuming the opening and thread size is right).

The Puck Puck is very simple to use and has an adjustable drip rate giving you the freedom to experiment completely with cold brew coffee.

So sure, you can do "cold brew" on the cheap in an old jar in the fridge that you filter through some bit of cloth or paper filter or something, but to truly experience cold brew coffee the right way, you want to get a cold brew drip system.

The Puck Puck is designed for use with an Aeropress, so if your already sporting one of these, then Puck Puck is for you.  If you don't have an Aeropress already, check them out here, you won't regret it.