Plunger Cross Plates - Avanti


Stainless Steel Cross Plates for Avanti plungers.

We have cross plates for the Avanti Cafe Press (which is a glass plunger with steel frame) and we have cross plates for the Avanti Sleek (which is a double walled stainless steel plunger).

These are usually brand specific and the size of the part can vary from brand to brand - the width and thread where the rod screws in may be different for other brands and models and therefore are probably not interchangeable.  If you are local we recommend bring the plunger (assembly and beaker) in so we can see if they fit your unit correct if you are uncertain about the brand.  We do not recommend ordering if you are uncertain and are not local and able to come in to check.


Sizes are as follows:

Model/Size Diameter (of the plate, not the spiral part)
Sleek (S/Steel) - 2 Cup 5.8cm
Cafe Press (Glass) - 6 Cup 8.6cm
Cafe Press (Glass) - 12 Cup 10.5cm




*Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee the part selected will fit your plunger if it is unbranded or not the same brand and size selected.  We are happy to offer exchanges or refunds for replacement parts that are ordered incorrectly, however we will only exchange or refund the cost of the parts, not shipping, and only once we receive the goods back in good, unused, resaleable condition - you will be responsible for the postage in getting it back to us also.  We encourage you to contact us if you are uncertain before placing an order.