Plunger Glasses - Avanti


The dreaded crack sound your glass plunger has just made can be a devastating event and can really throw a spanner in the works...luckily, we have a range of glass plunger replacement glasses that can hopefully get you back into your regular caffeinated state.

These glass carafe replacements from Avanti are for the Cafe Press model, but may suit other models/brands.

They are made from borosilicate glass, making them heat resistant and durable.

Sizes are as follows:

Size/Capacity Diameter at top (cm) Height (cm)
3 Cup 7.1 13.2
6 Cup 9.7 15.5
8 Cup 9.7 17.5
12 Cup 11.9 18

Some glass beakers can be used in other brand frames and vice versa, but unless you are certain, we don't recommend it as there may be small differences in diameter or height.  If you do end up with the wrong size or brand, we are willing to refund the cost of the beaker once it has been returned, in unused condition and in original packaging, at your expense.  The cost of shipping from your original order cannot be refunded either so please be certain you have the right product.

You can contact us here for further information.

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