Stovetop Funnels - Aluminium


If your favourite stovetop espresso maker has made it's fair share of coffees and is wearing down and doesn't seem to pump out that next level espresso that you're used to, then replacing the filter plate, seal and funnel might just give it another chance at delivering marvellous coffee once again.

These funnels are made from food grade aluminium and are designed for aluminium stovetops.  The brands we carry are Bialetti (usually in blister packs) and Avanti which just come loose.  We will of course add some simple wrap/packaging to these in order for them to reach their destination safely.

Important Information - please read before placing an order:

Funnels for aluminium pots can usually be used in any other brand of aluminium stovetop, assuming it is the same size (e.g. a 3 cup Avanti funnel will fit a 3 cup Bialetti pot, etc).  Avanti, however, do not make all of the same sized pots that Bialetti make (the 1 and 2 cup for example) and therefore spare parts for these pots are only available by their respective manufacturer.  The height of the basket and stem may differ slightly from brand to brand but the basket will usually be the same diameter and should still work.

Other brands that we do not carry **should still follow this trend and spare parts for other brands **should fit, once again assuming it is the same capacity coffee pot, however this is not always the case, please refer to the size chart below.  If you are uncertain, please contact us for clarification.

**Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee the part selected will fit your espresso pot if it is unbranded or not the same brand and size selected.  We are happy to offer exchanges or refunds for replacement parts that are ordered incorrectly, however we will only exchange or refund the cost of the parts, not shipping, and only once we receive the goods back in good, unused, reasaleable condition - you will be responsible for the postage in getting it back to us also.  We encourage you to contact us if you are uncertain before placing an order.

Brand/Size Total Height Funnel Diameter - Inside Funnel Diameter - Outer Edge
Avanti 3 Cup 57mm 56mm 60mm
Avanti 6 Cup 79mm 61mm 65mm
Avanti 9 Cup 93mm 71mm 75mm
Avanti 12 Cup 110mm 78mm 82mm
Bialetti 1 Cup 47mm 43mm 46mm
Bialetti 2 Cup 55mm 47mm 51mm
Bialetti 12 Cup 117mm 78mm 82mm

Please note that we only have measurements available for current stock at time of entering.  As we get other brands/sizes in, we will update this size chart accordingly.