Alchemy Syrups/Elixirs

Vendor: Alchemy


Looking for something a little different to your favourite hot caffeinated beverage?

Well, tea is hot and caffeinated, but it doesn't quite hit that "I need my coffee now!!" kinda spot, does it...well, we have you covered!

Alchemy is an Australian owned and operated brand, offering some of the best syrups and elixirs on the market.

The range includes Chai Elixirs, for those Chai latte loving people out there, and they also have a range of flavoured syrups that can enrich your coffee experience in the most delightful way!!  Add a touch of vanilla to your coffee to really spice things up, or perhaps you're more of a salted caramel fan, well, we carry that too.

Alchemy isn't just a one trick pony either, check out their hot chocolate range by trying the White Chocolate or maybe the Turkish Delight syrup.  You can even use your favourite Alchemy syrup on some icecream or in a doesn't mind if you use these syrups in something other than coffee, we promise!!

If you want to take a closer look at the Alchemy brand and everything they have to offer, then click here.