Quality loose leaf teas, blends and infusions from all around the world, including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, flavoured black tea, flavoured green tea, herbal infusions and fruit infusions.

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A strong, full bodied, malty, mature black tea with a rich colour and flavour. Origin: India
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The rich, fertile soil and high altitude of the Daintree rainforest region provides a well rounded, medium strength tea, naturally low in caffeine....
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A very strong, fine leaf blend of black teas.  A very rich aroma and taste, a perfect cup for strong tea lovers in the morning. Origin: Africa, Ind...
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Decaffeinated using the CO2 method, ensuring quality and flavour with no harmful chemicals or residue. Medium strength tea with a refreshing taste....
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A flowery tea from the highlands of Darjeeling. A gentle, yet rounded and mature flavour with a refreshing fruity style. Brew tea at 90 degrees Cel...
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A refreshing tea, scented with natural bergamot oil which adds a delicate citrus flavour to the cup. Origin: Sri Lanka

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