S/Steel Stovetop Funnels for GAT


These funnels are for the GAT coffee maker.  We no longer carry this brand of coffee pot but still have some spares.  We believe the 2 funnels we have are from a 6 cup and possibly a 10 cup.  Although, the size of the larger funnel seems too small for a 10 cup funnel from other brands.  Please see the size chart below for dimensions to determine if the funnel will suit your needs.


Size Total Height Funnel diameter - inside Funnel diameter - outside edge
6 Cup 73m 72mm 76mm
10 Cup? 82mm 76mm 81mm


These funnels are made from food grade stainless steel and are designed for use in stainless steel stovetops.  The items are loose but we will of course add some simple wrap/packaging to these in order for them to reach their destination safely.

Important Information - please read before placing an order:

Stainless steel stovetop espresso makers are often brand dependent for parts.  Some brands have parts that share the same attributes of spare parts from other brands, but it is not guaranteed that they will fit as there may be slight differences that make the part unusable in a different brand.  Please refer to the size chart below, but please remember that this is only a guide and we cannot guarantee that it will work in your coffee pot.  Please contact us for clarification.

**Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee the part selected will fit your espresso pot if it is unbranded or not the same brand and size selected.  We are happy to offer exchanges or refunds for replacement parts that are ordered incorrectly, however we will only exchange or refund the cost of the parts, not shipping, and only once we receive the goods back in good, unused, reasaleable condition - you will be responsible for the postage in getting it back to us also.  We encourage you to contact us if you are uncertain before placing an order.