Porlex Grinders

Vendor: Porlex


Grind your coffee anywhere you like, even in the middle of nowhere - with a Porlex Grinder, there is no excuse for old, stale coffee.  Both the Tall and the Mini will grind straight into the Aeropress Coffee Maker, pairing up to make the best coffee combination (especiall if you're travelling or camping).

Porlex Grinders are made in Japan with a stainless steel body and laser etched durable ceramic burrs made from Japanese clay.  Both the have a consistent grind range from anywhere between a fine Turkish grind to a coarse plunger grind.

The height of the Porlex Tall is 185mm, boasting double the coffee capacity of its little brother while the Porlex Mini II stands at only 130mm but it has a rubber sleeve that holds the handle when not in use.

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