Aeropress Accessories


The Aeropress is such an easy to use coffee maker that pumps out a great brew, so its no wonder that there is a whole range of accessories and attachments to take your Aeropress coffee to a whole new level.

Not only do we carry replacement filter papers (pack of 350) by Aerobie and reusable stainless steel filter disks by Able, but we also carry the Prismo and Puck Puck attachments (see below for details).

The Prismo by Fellow attaches to the bottom of your Aeropress (replacing the plastic filter basket).  It has a reusable stainless steel filter with a seal and a pressure actuated valve, which ont only increases pressure, but prevents dripping until you apply pressure - this gives the opportunity for a brewing time and therefore more control of flavour.

The Puck Puck is a cold brew accessory kit.  It has an extra chamber that attaches to the top of the Aeropress and it has an adjustable flow rate slow dripper to give you control over the brewing process.

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